Why This Works: the Science

Pronunciation - the 'cross-fit' of language!

Aural roadblock, it's a thing! Research shows that by focusing on pronunciation, adults can more easily make a new language stick! More simply put, pronunciation can no longer be an 'accessory' to your learning journey. To truly help your 'cognitive function' and learn more quickly, focus on pronunciation early and frequently.

Science points increasingly to not only auditory 'input' but production and feedback as a crucial element of language learning success. To take your language skills to the next level, follow our 'best practices' with the videos, audio files and activities in our Pronunciation Workshop. You'll train your ear to more easily recognize foreign words, and you'll sound more like a native speaker, too! Como se dice 'win/win'?!

How exactly does it work?

Our adult brains struggle to categorize new sounds that we are unfamiliar with (sounds you may come across as you're learning a new language, but ones you didn't frequently encounter as a child). The end result? Difficulty in memorizing new words, phrases, grammar structures... difficulty in using the language!

Read more here: https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-to-teach-old-ears-new-tricks/