L1 Spanish Arts & Entertainment-Themed Course: The World is Your Canvas

Synchronous: Virtual, live face-to-face classes

L1: Part 1 of our Early Intermediate series.

Flexible scheduling: Choose to Meet 1x, 2x, or 3x/ week in our 'virtual classroom'

October 25th - November 20th
Mon. / Wed. 7:30pm - 8:45pm | Saturday 11am - 12:30pm

*All times listed in CST*

Enrollment Deadline: October 22nd at 7pm

By the end of this course, you’ll feel more confident in...

describing works of art, critiquing performances and pieces, and expressing technique - all while exploring various mediums and boosting your own cultural currency!

Weekly Content: Course Overview

Week At a Glance

Semana 1: From Museums to Street Art! Explore various mediums of art, from museum classics to local pop-ups. 
Semana 2: Film From Classis to Netflix! Engage with the series and films that are all the rage in other corners of the world. 
Semana 3: Literature for connoisseurs and web surfers alike! Within the pages of these historically significant and currently popular texts, you’ll not only uncover a culture’s social commentary or humor but you’ll be able to speak about them! 
Semana 4: Music makes our world go round! Learn the lyricism of your target language and how to use lyrics and rhythms to unlock everything from pronunciation to vocabulary and culture! 

What's Included

🙌 Weekly prep lesson videos (the critical #flippedlearning component for online success)
✅ Interactive quizzes to check your understanding
🎧 Practice activities including sound files, pronunciation exercises, flashcards and more!
👩‍🏫 Weekly office hours: get to know our team!
🍷 Monthly virtual events to learn & to connect...
and more!
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3 days per week - Arts & Entertainment-Themed Course | M/W 7:30-8:45pm US-Central | Saturday 11am-12:30pm US-Central | Spanish L1


2 days per week - Arts & Entertainment-Themed Course | M/W 7:30-8:45pm US-Central | Spanish L1


1 day per week - Arts & Entertainment-Themed Course | Saturday 11am-12:30pm US-Central | Spanish L1