Join us for this Saturday's 'Café'!

Meet in our 'virtual classroom' for 90 min. of interactive conversation practice!

Why our Cafes?

🗣 Relevant, everyday conversation

Build speaking skills through organic & spontaneous conversation practice led by our pros #followourlead

📣 'Student driven' questions

YOUR opportunity to ask questions about / delve deeper into concepts that interest you

🙌 Culturally rich, teacher-led activity

Language & culture go hand in hand - walk away from every café with newfound cultural knowledge!

How it Works:

1. Register below! - You will then receive a confirmation email with a Zoom link

2. Check in with at our Digital Front desk from 10:40-11:00am (US-Central) to be directed to a Cafe that best suits your level

3. Bring some coffee and be ready to chat with our other language learners from 11:00-12:30 (US-Central)

Don't know your level? Take a placement quiz (Spanish or French)

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