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¿Lo sabías? Our model takes adult learners from complete beginner to proficient and beyond using a fun, effective, and culturally-rich model - now entirely online! This free trial provides an exclusive glimpse into our model so that you can practice your Spanish today - with tips and resources for learning more, whatever your goals!

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Natasha Moushegian
Natasha Moushegian

During her studies for a B.A. in Spanish (Translation and Interpretation), Natasha also pursued Italian and Portuguese (including a conveniently timed study abroad program in Brazil during the FIFA World Cup!). Following her graduation, while she learned the practical applications of language pedagogy as a teacher of both Spanish and English as a second language, she also learned that language teaching was her calling! Natasha completed an M.A. in Linguistics and TESOL in 2018. She looks forward to seeing you in Spanish class!

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